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Journey Sessions in Oregon

Psilocybin Facilitation Harm Reduction Package: $1800

    Includes: Consultation, intake, paperwork, preparation session, journey session, and integration session, and ongoing support throughout the process.

    Repeat sessions: $1200

    (Sliding scale pricing available for anyone who is experiencing poverty)

Service centers that I work with:

Vital Reset
The Journey
Fractal Soul

Room Rental: $400-950

    (Various service centers are priced differently)

Cost of Medicine: $100-$400

    Room rental and medicine costs will be paid directly to licensed service centers. Facilitator harm reduction cost will be paid to Elevate with Evelyn.

    (Cost varies by amount taken and service center pricing)

Additional Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are usually about an hour, but no hard cut offs if continued support is needed.

  • Preparations sessions: $100 a session
  • Integration sessions: $100 a session. $500 for a six week package

Custom Offerings

Personalized individual journey sessions in Jamaica or anywhere that plant medicine is legal

  • $3000 for three days plus $1000 per additional day and you pay for travel, lodging, and food costs. I give you my undivided attention where we carefully craft a personalized journey for you and deeply explore the depths of whatever it is you’re working on.
  • $4000 for couples or groups of two.

Group Retreats

  • $500-$1000 per person. Hire me to facilitate your retreat for several days. You pay for travel expenses, lodging, and food.
    Let’s have a conversation about what you have in mind and work something out.

Sliding scale options available for all offerings

Elevate with Evelyn does not provide, sell, or even touch the psilocybin medicine and only accepts money for harm reduction services. The medicine and accommodations will be need to be purchased separately though licensed service centers. As stated by Oregon Measure 109 licensed, licensed facilitators are allowed to sit with clients without breaking any federal laws.