How Does It Work?

Plant Medicine for Mental Heath Issues

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Plant medicine has the unique ability to combat the effects of trauma on the mind. It helps us to unravel the stories our minds create around our traumas that no longer serve us while giving us a clean slate to create new healthier perspectives based on wisdom instead of fear. These stories, thought patterns, and complexes are part of a default network, i.e., the subconscious thoughts that determine your actions and feelings, that our minds adopt to protect us from harm. However many aspects of our default network stem from our egos' false conclusions that we are somehow to blame for our own harm. This illusion of control is the root cause of anxiety and depression.

Entheogens remind our brains that we are not responsible for the harm that was done to us because we do not have control over our outside environment. Plant medicine helps to break up those negative thought patterns before they are solidified as core beliefs in the mind.

My studies have led me to believe that our minds co-evolved with plant medicines and that they are basic human need. They provide our minds with non-toxic, non-addictive chemicals that are essential to self actualization. Unfortunately, many of us in this world have been systemically distanced for over 1000 years from entheogenic use like that of our ancestors.

A consequence of that distance is that many generations of negative thought patterns based on unresolved traumas have been solidified as core beliefs and passed down to us as culture and society. Plant medicines can be used as a tool to break that cycle, and to scrape away the influence of society, culture, your parents, and your trauma while empowering your inner truth to take control of your life.

I believe that the Western clinical model of medicine can sometimes work against true healing by attempting to mask and repress symptoms that are actually trying to tell us something. Symptoms like anxiety and depression are usually indicators of a deeper issue and not the issue themselves. I have found that in this work when you focus on the core issues then the symptoms begin to subside.

Focusing on the core issues means crafting a life in which you can live more authentically without guilt, shame, or fear. Sometimes this means changing external factors in your environment, addressing internal issues of the mind like negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and complexes; or realizing that we were never taught healthy coping mechanisms to deal with suffering.

Plant medicine will help you determine which issues you need to focus on. Together we can work to come up with sustainable, healthier coping mechanisms to get through the times when we will inevitably experience pain again. By accessing your authenticity, this process can help you form deeper connections, find a sense of purpose, and gain a sense of self awareness that can only be reached through the expanded consciousness.



Exploring your expanded consciousness can be one of the most important and healing experiences of your life. It also has the potential to be overwhelming and even traumatizing without proper guidance. I take great care to work with you to make your journey unique and personalized. I don’t believe there is one form of ceremony that is correct for everyone. I take a lot of time working with you to create a ceremony that works for you. I give you the information to safely navigate the realm of expanded consciousness and many tools to use if you encounter various scenarios. I will address all your concerns and questions until you feel like you’re fully ready to embark on the journey. This will be a very long conversation between us.


The time after the ceremony is your opportunity to really incorporate all the lessons the medicine has taught you. The medicine can break up unproductive thought patterns but it’s up to you to take ownership over actively setting up new healthy thought patterns. This is the most difficult part of the work because it can require you to make different choices, start different routines, analyze what is truly serving you in life, and sometimes letting go of things that no longer serve you. The medicine can’t do this work for you. It only points you in the right direction. Having someone there with you to navigate the aftermath of the journey can be life saving.

I recommend at least six weeks of integration sessions. Sometimes it takes a few sessions just to unpack the journey, get grounded, and figure out what lessons you were taught. Afterwards comes the work of incorporating those lessons and restructuring. Integration sessions will help you build a roadmap towards a more authentic life. Even though true integration is a lifelong endeavor these sessions can give you a head start.